Searching for Paradise


Paradise is what we make it. The difference between your happiness and the person next to you is in your mind. Not money or job title or even fame equals to true joy in life. Happiness is something we control and decide for ourselves. We chose to give money the power to make us happy. We chose to love famous people and want to dress and be like them because we hate ourselves. We convince ourselves that what we have is never enough. Feeling this way will never bring true happiness or joy. Maybe it’s ok to just be you, just the way you thought of yourself before reading magazines or watching TV. Before you were taught to hate yourself and love wealth.

8 thoughts on “Searching for Paradise

  1. We all compare our happiness to other people who we think are happier. We don’t know the inner demons that these people may struggle with. It’s so true that we need to stop comparing what others have to what we have.

  2. I believe happiness comes from inner peace. I wrote a whole post on my personal feelings about inner peace. You should read it even though they are just my opinions. No one can make our own private paradise but us. Only we know what it will take to make us happy.

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