The lives We give away


In this world we all are given one life to live. To be who we want and also not to be what we despise. Sometimes without knowing we slowly give bits and pieces of our life to someone else. Some people tend to think that your only purpose in life is to serve them. Some of us are people pleasers and may fall prey to people who don’t deserve our kindness. I’m referring to people that only are around as long as you can do something for them. Yet never around or offer their help to you when you are in need. It’s our life and we sadly only get one. Just having one is what really makes every step we take in it important. Life is rare and can’t be traded for friendship or love. Never give your life to someone who wouldn’t give theirs for yours.

8 thoughts on “The lives We give away

  1. The shot is remarkable. Life is one, live with a purpose be nice to people and have faith. Goodness makes us a better person, honesty makes us kind and intelligence makes us humane.

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