The Walls of our Castles


Castles and their walls do so many great things for us. They provide safety when we’re scared and shelter when we must hide. As long as we’re within the walls no one can get in to hurt us. Sadly these walls also keep people that may be good for us, out as well. Keeping our feelings and heart inside these castles will keep us safe but also keep us alone. Nothing worthwhile in this life is without risk or fear. We have to put our hearts outside the walls if we want the right ones to see it. We have to learn to lower the drawbridge for the select some and keep our walls strong for the wrong ones.

5 thoughts on “The Walls of our Castles

  1. Castles are build to stand high and tall, with protective walls and it defines the people’s walk..unless we let the draw bridge connection is the key player in making castle disappear.

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