The You That Must Die


As many people there are in the world telling you can’t do something, you just my be your biggest critic. Growing up sometimes we hear the worst things said to us by the people meant to nurture and protect us. This sometimes can create another you all together, one that is nothing but negativity, doubt and despair. Every time someone does tell you “you can!” it’s telling you can’t, when you think of giving up, it’s saying “why not?”. This negative you inside only grows stronger and stronger with every failure it helps you to achieve. Now there is the positive you that was locked away deep inside your mind by the negative you, that must be freed and put back in the driver’s seat. Remember it is you that holds all the keys and all the cards of your mind and success. With nothing more than a thought you can switch their roles and placement in your life. The only person standing in the way of your dreams is you excuses of why you can’t achieve them. stopping negative thoughts

17 thoughts on “The You That Must Die

  1. I find myself having to forcefully change my thoughts too, just wondering, have you ever read Joyce Meyer’s book, Battlefield of the Mind?? oh and LOVE the picture!!!

  2. Well said! Agreed! The one who says U can’t & U won’t probably the one who afraid U can and U’re able 🙂 And all it’s in me. Greeting from newbie on the block, thank’s for visiting me, will come back seeing more Ur superb art work! 🙂

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