The Secret Wars


We sometimes find ourselves in unknown competition with others without our consent. We don’t remember signing up for one or being asked to be a part of one. People sometimes draft us into being their Rival and sometimes life long foe without our consent. Why you? if someone has picked you for this role than you should be faltered, when you think about it. You or I for that matter would never want to be in any competition with someone that wasn’t up to par. Dealing with a Rival is another thing all together, a Rival will always give you wood to add to the flames of this war. From saying something negative about your work ethic or smart comments about the clothes you wear. Best thing for you to do is just smile and nod, sooner or later they will loose interest and find others to prey upon and you will be back on your path of positivity.

9 thoughts on “The Secret Wars

  1. Gorgeous photograph! I wish I would remember this. But I simply avoid people who bring out the worst in me. By nature I am extremely competitive and it’s not always good for me. I need to relax and remember, like my mom says, that the only person I am competing with, is myself, to be better than I was yesterday.

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