The Wrath


No.1 of the 7 Paths of Destruction

The Wrath
For some of us letting go and not containing our anger is a way of life. It keeps us from an ever bigger explosion later down the line. For other we may bite our tongues and bottles our feelings, till we reach our limits and erupt like a volcano! When we are anger we can easily loose control and check out, leaving our Wrath to check in. Without a filter or fear in this state we can tear apart the ones who have wrong us in some way but even the one closes to us. In this wake we may do or say things we can never take back and will regret for the rest of our lives. It’s better to coexist with our darker side then trying to cage it or let it run loose all the time.

15 thoughts on “The Wrath

  1. So true. Well said! My mom calls me a pressure cooker who doesn’t let out steam, because I bottle everything up until the pressure builds way too much! 🙂

  2. Great photo. Yes, we have to keep our anger in check at times to get along, co-exist… but we also need to find ways to release that pent up emotional buildup before it takes it’s toil on our physical body. Been there…learned my lesson.

  3. I’m sure almost all of us have experienced good sense checking out and the Wrath moving in, i know for a fact it can in me all too often and i reckon the reason is mostly me not taking the time to express my true feelings with the one ( or many) who i place as ‘responsible’ for the small thing they may have done ( many, many times without me commenting when i should have) and so reach the point of ‘no return’ and spit it out often with explosive spiteful force (nothing physical – or not towards individuals anyway), which i usually regret afterwards as good sense returns.

    I believe that by being an observer to our self in such times and not judging or blocking the thoughts we can learn to gain mastery over our wrath – and all our emotional ‘sins’.

    1. Well said and thank you for shearing that. Most of us have been there man, we’re only human and humans are not perfect. We sometimes can be emotional roller coasters when we try to mange too many feeling all at once.

      1. Curiously enough emotional rollercoaster is exactly how i describe my present ‘entanglement’. So many ups and downs – but lately the downs are ‘winning’ – hard to slow it down enough to get ‘off’ though… tricky situation 😦

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