The Lust

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No.2/7  of the 7 Paths of Destruction

The Lust
Love is one of the most powerful weapons ever known to man, it can build or destroy. It can make us do things, we never thought we would or have to do for anyone. Like any powerful weapon we must be careful who we trust to use it because in the wrong hands we could be hurt. Lust can take control over us if we let it, to the point were our judgment is impairment and self wroth thrown out the window. Like a moths drawn to the flames of destruction and sadness. Your heart is one of your greatest treasures, chose wisely who you open your treasure chest to.

15 thoughts on “The Lust

  1. if you fill your heart with forgiveness, you never have to worry about who you give your heart to, no one can hurt you if you learn forgiveness for the world..and you can give your heart away
    …jus my view… 😉

      1. no they don’t, but the forgiveness is for you to let the anger go.. and if you forgive them ahead of time for being idiots and selfish, they won’t be able to hurt you. I’ve even went so far as to tell them “I forgive you because you use people,” and talk about shut them up! hehe it may not work right away, but you will find someday down the road, they may wake up and realize what they’re doing…maybe! lol 🙂

      1. Me! 😀 ( in fact around 3 years and a lifetime ago – on another blog – i wrote seven posts ( quite long lol) on each of the Seven Deadly Sins)

        Nice to see the tradition continues, albeit abridged 😉

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