The Pride

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No.4/7 of the 7 Paths of Destruction

The Pride
We should all have some sense with in ourselves and from where we come from. Pride in who we are and who we want to be in life, but there is a difference in confident and cockiness, selfishness and bravery. Pride does give us the strength to fight for what we believe in but the wrong kind can also hold us back from our goals. Having too much pride to ask for help when we need it, too much to apologize to a person we hurt. Or too to let someone know just how much we really do care for them. Pride can get us to the top but at a price of being alone sometimes.

16 thoughts on “The Pride

  1. Beautiful shots. The tourists here shoot a million shots of the sunsets, which are spectacular, then put their cameras away. I always keep shooting…clouds carry on the echo of each sunset, sometimes even more spectacularly than the sunset itself. Thanks…
    On my Way…

  2. Lovely words and very true too! I often feel like it is very hard for people to prevent themselves from crossing that thin line between having pride in one’s self and having an ego.

    1. Well said Amba and I do agree with you. Today people tend to have too much fear in being seen as weak that they cut the kind patient part of themselves out.

  3. Good topic!

    I believe Pride is one of those really tricky words/things that all too often will catch us ‘out’. At it’s most basic level ‘pride’ involves us putting ourself ‘above’ the rest which is why i believe we need to be wary of such feelings. I don’t believe that pride has anything to do with respect, either for others or for our true self. By all means have respect for yourself, your feelings and needs but never put those as having more intrinsic worth than anyone elses.

    Amba’s comment about the thin line and our personal ego has much wisdom in it.

    P.S. I have an original owl pic you might like – will try and put it up on blog 🙂

    1. Your words are wise as well Bob, I wanted to do these post on “The 7 Deadly Sins” To talk about how they can be better controlled by us. Happy that so many of you guys are weighting in. The more minds the better.

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence – but i’m not as wise as i thought….

        My ps above was meant for ‘Chatty Owl’ who has asked for owl pics… i just spent 15 mins looking on your blog for the link to pos a pic 😉 Ahh well – pride put nicely in place! 😉

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