Bonsai Trees (Real Miniature Trees)



bonsai tree 3



cherry bonsai tree

Bonsai trees are an Japanese art dated back over a thousands years ago. Where the Japanese would grow and trim trees to keep them miniature in size. Its a peaceful and relaxing hobby to take up, not to mention a great addition to your home. Every free from pine to apple and of course cherry blossom.

42 thoughts on “Bonsai Trees (Real Miniature Trees)

  1. I have tried so many times to grow Bonsai, but I always end up killing them, which horrifies me. So instead of destroying something so beautiful, I just admire them through pictures such as yours, or shows at botanical gardens

      1. so happy to hear that! I also miss your amazing post about top 10 astronomical events of 2013 ( title?) Hopefully it will reemerge on you blog soon.

  2. Thank you for liking my post. I like you blogs. Your Trees are beautiful .The food looks great, and kickboxing is fun:)

  3. Bonsai is my favourite form of specialised pruning – mini trees are so cool! Loved the shots 😀 x

  4. I am fortunate to have your attention… I love nature, and everything about it, including bonsai of course….thanks for giving me the chance to touch base with you….

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