The Sloth


No. 5/7 of the 7 Paths of Destruction

The Sloth
For most of us we put things off until tomorrow even though we’re been always told “there’s no time like the present”. Tomorrow turns into next week, than next month and even next year. That diet we were suppose to start today, the friend we were going to finally call back and the job of our dreams we were finally going to pursue. The problem with tomorrow is that it’s never promise to us in any shape of form. The only promise to living thing in this world is Death and Death has his own schedule that it goes by. That me or you can’t alter when we want. So lets start making tomorrow today and make today last forever.

8 thoughts on “The Sloth

  1. Your pictures are simply breathtaking! Keep up the awesome work. Do you have any advice for us novice photographers? Do you use point and shoot as well as a dslr?

    1. I’m far from an expert but what I try to do is take pictures that make me feel something..kinda like a photo you want to stare at for hrs. As for my camera an old IPhone 3GS lol. I edit them on my phone or on my laptop. I do plan on getting a Cannon T4I. Its a great camera and I would highly recommended.

  2. Great post & I love your photographs! I’m a terrible one for putting things off! I’ve been trying to sort my life out recently… it’s a work in progress! My grandmother use to always say… ‘Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today’ 🙂

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