The Greed


No. 6/7 of the 7 Paths of Self Destruction

The Greed
Always wanting more and more out of life isn’t a bad thing, we only have one life and we want the most out of it. Now the question is when do we know when enough is enough and that we’re just being greedy. We set goals and wants for ourselves but when we reach those goals we set bigger ones and repeat and repeat. There are things we want and we when get them we want more! Bigger houses, faster cars, more power, the list never ends. There is a great difference between ambition and just plane Greed. Ambition keeps us moving and not sitting idle wasting time. Greed is never stopping till you have it All and More. We shouldn’t settle for just anything but we also should take the time to just be happy with what we do have and the people around us. What’s the point of having the whole world to yourself but no one to shear it with?

16 thoughts on “The Greed

  1. I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch,
    He said to me, “You must not ask for so much.”
    And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door,
    She cried to me, “Hey, why not ask for more?”
    -Leonard Cohen, Bird on a Wire

    Somewhere in those lines lies the answer.

  2. So very well put. It is hard to break the habits you mention, but it can be done and it feels great to be able to do it.

    I encourage everyone to slow down and take the time to really live their life.

    Thanks for the like on my blog.

    1. Really kind of you replying to this post 🙂

      Change is never easy and doing the right thing by people and by yourself isn’t any easier but well worth it.

  3. 1.) I ponder between the two concepts of greed and ambition because they seem to be the two most prominent factors in distinguishing ones motives.
    2.) I agree with her conceptualization of ambition. “Ambition keeps us moving and not sitting idle wasting time.” Ambitions derived not by the ego, but by your SELF’s desire to fulfill it’s true purpose.
    3.) It felt almost poetic with the image above. Because my grandfather is photographer it allowed me the privilege to see alot of that kind of work.
    4.) Continue doing what your doing. there’s alot of potential in what your doing and it would be very disappointing if you were to stop.
    5.) I enjoyed this. The combination of image and writing seemed to work quite well. Id recommend this to a few friends.
    6.) No.

    1. Very thoughtful post David and thank you for the support. I started these just to get people thinking and to help if it could. I post them ever Tuesday and thanks again for recommending.

  4. this blog is so right! you always want what you cant have , and when you have something you always want more. Now a days people aint grateful for what they have, they always want to over do things.. in life you should be happy you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back in food on the table. also that is true ambition does keep us going you need a goal in life and that eitther sussecful or not and you choice. im liking your blog post cant wait to read more otf them

    1. I greatly appreciate the feedback from your post. People tend to thank there missing out on something that someone else has. Life is about living and experiences new things. Not these things and items humans have made to further complicate their lives.

  5. i love this post! because everything you said is completely true.
    there is a huge difference between ambition and greed. we do have to learn when
    enough is enough and not ask for more when we already have a lot. but than again, i also understand how you said that we only have one life to live so we should enjoy it to the fullest even if that means asking for more. i can connect to your post because i’m both greedy and also ambitious at times. i don’t have any advice for your blog because it’s good already(:

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