The Envy

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The Envy
Human are some of the most competitive living being things on this planet to date. Everything is made into a competition in minutes to us, without a second thought. The question is when competition turns into jealousy and jealousy turns into Envy. When we see something into someone else that we want but can’t attain right away, the seed of Envy can quickly take root and grow. Sucking away our inner happiness with ourselves along with our confidence too. We must learn to be the best us and not care what others have, that we do not. Life is what we make it for the most part, so waste a second of it worrying about what another has that we think we want. If we are to Envy anything in this life, its Time. Time to continue our journey in this world and see what more does it have to offer.

16 thoughts on “The Envy

  1. If i may…?

    Our English Language is often very confusing and all of us get some things wrong – makes it difficult for us to easily and accurately understand each other, confusion easily arises.

    In english, Envy, Jealousy and Covetousness (coveting) are frequently intermixed in conversation and are confused with each other.

    Biblically speaking, Envy is the emotion we feel concerning someone who is or has what we wish we had of theirs. we wish we were them, were in their place in life.”I envy you your lifestyle”. It causes us to have negative feelings towards our brother or sister simply because they have lived differently to us and have made different choices or possibly worked harder in some areas to improve than we have ourselves. It places discord between us for no reason of the other – it is us who are ‘at fault.’ we are not following God’s will but our own – hence it is a sin against God a deadly sin.

    Jealousy is akin to it but whereas Envy is of the other person, jealousy can apply to a wider range of things, including objects. “You have a new porsche? Oh I’m jealous! I want one now”.

    Covetousness is the desire we feel if we see something we like and want but may not need.

    WE see our neighbour has a new horse, we have a horse but his looks ‘nicer’ than ours and we covet it. It is the act of wanting something your brother/sister ( speaking as a Christian) has for ourselves. Believing that we ‘deserve’ it MORE than they do. Believing we are ‘better’ than them and what they have earned is more rightfully ours.

    Hard to separate sometimes, but they are not really ‘interchangeable’. Meaning is important in what we say.

    1. Very good explanation Bob, I used jealousy because over time to this day and age. Envy and jealousy are about the same. Great points also you made, thanks for the reply.

  2. Dark clouds they surround mind, envious and hurtful , when will they fall into droplets of rain and will be gone, absorbed by ground and make me to see the sky so clear and happy.

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