The Beginning


The Beginning
The End always sparks a new Beginning in our lives, rather it be a new, job, relationship or moving. New beginnings can be scary and challenging, forcing us to stress and hide from them but its a part of life. Its better to meet and greet these challenges as welcome positive change in our lives. Life is about new experiences and self growth after all isn’t it? So why not just do that, to not do so would only be letting yourself down later down the road. Nothing worth wild is without risk and if it’s not going to kill you, than give it a try. At the end its better to have more “What an experience” than more “What If’s”.

19 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Absolutely true, i 100%belief new beginnings are a way of telling us it is time to move on and to challenge our mind body and soul…your pictures are always stunning*_*

      1. Wonderful:) make sure to head on over to my sunday post and enteg my april giveaway post you only need to make a comment onto the same page about any of my cooking.take care*_*

  2. What a perfect time for me to read your post. I am beginning a new small chapter in my life this week. I will be working from home for the next 11 weeks. I have never done this before and it is a scary prospect for me. So far it is going well. I believe at the end I will be able to say what an experience. I am glad I pushed for this adventure. I love your blog.

  3. So fitting as I have taken the plunge in putting myself out there in a new way by applying for a different, more fulfilling job. Thanks for the uplifting moment on my reader!

  4. Unless you know which way you are facing (East/West) it is difficult to know if that picture is of a dawn or a dusk. Similarly, unless you consider which way you are facing (past/future) it is difficult to tell the end from a beginning. Perspective is very important

  5. Beginning and end is a label we give depending on which side of time we stand, don’t we?

    Good thoughts.

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