What They Sold Us


What They Sold Us.
Many us wouldn’t believe how much of us is change and erase everyday by media, but we are. The best product in the world to date, can’t be touched, or seen, or even taste. The best product that we’re sold on is an idea, an idea or what we all should look like. An idea of what car we need to be driving, type of men and women we should go after and even more sinister is the idea to never be happy with ourselves. When people are happy with themselves, there is no opening to sell them something they don’t need. Show them images of women that are flawless, that have been Photoshop a million times over and tell them “You need to look like this or don’t be looked at, at all”. You these are perfections that no human being can never reach and with these tools, than you get an idea or how the market is made. These are ideas we don’t need to buy into because happiness doesn’t have a man-made price on it, it’s Free!

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