The Ranking System of Our Lives


The Ranking System of Our Lives
For most of us our rank is this world starts from the day we’re born, depending on our families status in the world. Being lucky to be born in a family of doctors, we are looked at as more valued human beings. Than say being born from a family of bus drivers, cashiers and retail workers. Does being any of these job titles change our value as a person or how we want to be seen in the world? Society loves to divide it self up as much as it can from old and young, rich and poor, to white and black. Instead of just good and bad. Being a doctor compared to a truck driver doesn’t make a different as far as value of a person. A person is a person and man-made titles can’t never change that. Doing what you love and standing up for what you believe to be right, ups your value. Protecting the ones you love, ups your value and giving voice who can’t find their own does. So be who you want to be for yourself and not just a status symbol.

19 thoughts on “The Ranking System of Our Lives

  1. Yea ! Absolutely right. You have to be who you are in your own value sets, etc. And, society in America does have its ‘caste’ systems and social strata. So, beware.

  2. This is a great post. Most people feel like they are less of a person because of what family they are born into. That shouldn’t define someone as a person, only their actions should define them as a person. Very inspirational read.

    1. Well said and I’m not knocking anyone that was born in certain family or wants to be a doctor or layer. Just saying be the best person you can be for yourself.

  3. Love this message (and the tree photo!). It would be nice to live in the utopia of popular sci fi, where money is no longer the motivator, but to better ourselves and help others reach their goals

  4. Coming from society’s bottom ranks I can honestly say I am happy with who I am. I was ranked #1 in high school but that was my sole top ranking in life. I am doing what I love and being who I am no matter who likes me or not. I will not change for anyone and I will not try to be what I am not. People will either like me or not and I am not going to worry about it. The people who are important to me like me for who I am inside and out. I have a high ranking in their eyes.

  5. Succes does not define a person. It is the person’s character that creates their own definition of success. Everyone has a story to tell. From the immigrant worker’s son who is now a millionaire, to the doctor who quit his practice to help those in foreign countries. Character is what matters. I loved this post! Thank for sharing!

  6. Doing something that makes you happy, and surrounding yourself with people you love are the most important aspects in this life. I love how you touched on this topic. Here in the States, I think that many people are raised to think they have to be the best at whatever they do and tend to forget that not EVERYONE can be a doctor, lawyer or business owner. Re-situating what we place value on is a discussion that needs to be brought up more often. Thank you for sharing this. =)

  7. Well said man. Its a shame the majority don’t have this kind of mindset. The advancement of technology has in a way helped mask over the even greater divide between rich and poor (In my opinion) I could elaborate but i am pressed for time!

    1. Yeah I get it and totally agree, and yeah I could go on about these subjects but I don’t wanna bore people with my many thoughts lol. Thanks for the support.

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