Your Worth


We all know how much we are worth in this world. We been told our whole lives about our place on this planet. Told that we’re too old, too slow, too skinny, too fat, too boring, not fun enough, not sexy enough or stupid and worthless all together. When we hear this all thorough out our lives we sadly sometimes start to believe it. Lets play a quick game for some money, a man made valued item. How many of you reading this would love a free Twenty dollar bill$? I’m sure a few of you would but with if I balled it up, now who still wants ? Now what if I took that same balled up twenty and throw it on the floor and stepped on it, who still wants it? I’m betting the number of you that said you would take it in the beginning would still take it now, why? ….because the value of that twenty never changed. You know well as I know that no matter what, it’s still a twenty dollar bill and it’s place and value in this world hasn’t changed one bit because it’s dirty and wrinkled. We sometimes get spit on, treated like trash and left behind, but it doesn’t change our worth. It doesn’t change our value in this world one bit. The only person that can change your worth is you. Remember just like that twenty dollar knows..Remember your worth and never forget it.

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