The Gluttony


No.3/7 of the 7 Paths of Destruction

The Gluttony
Too much of anything can kill you they say, but how do we know when enough is enough? Sometimes its clear as day when we need to stop over-indulging in something but we ignore the signs. We sometimes want too much money, too much power and too much of someones love even. Maybe it’s OK to just have enough to be happy instead of raising the bar for totally happiness higher and higher, till it’s never reach able. Life isn’t about how much you have at the end but the value of those around you in the end.

12 thoughts on “The Gluttony

      1. The world can be a sad place to live. Thankfully among the lemmings there are people like you and I who aren’t afraid to march to a different drum and see the world differently. I’m grateful for what I have and I am happy to see others can see past society and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

    1. It’s true that if we all lowered the bar just a tad we probably wouldn’t need to spend so much time in one! Life really is about the moments that we string together. I don’t want those moments spent chasing more, better and different. Thanks for the post and the reminder!

  1. a simple life is SO much easier, too, no struggle, no jealousy, no yearning, no crawling across others to get where you think you should be…ahhh peace.

  2. i’m reminded of a song from the 70’s. “love is like oxygen, you get too much you get too high, not enough and you’re going to die” I wish i could say I have been successful in actually putting this into practice but “Moderation in ALL things, even in Moderation itself”
    thanks for the like on my poem.

  3. If i may propose an alternative to the last line… Life is about how you live it from now – what happens at the end doesn’t matter because it is too late for you to change and what happens after is not for ‘this’ life. Live well, learn from past mistakes, seek to do ‘better’, start now, if you have not already. 🙂

    While i agree with Mike and Brandy above, moderation should not equate with ‘average’ – we can aim for above average in many things in life without being ‘greedy’ 😉 Would any of us choose to Love ‘moderately’? mehhh!

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